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Car rental tips

Safety driving tips in Israel

One of the best ways to see Israel is by car, since it is a relatively small one thus making car rental a great option for tourists coming to Israel. So, let's cover some basic safety driving tips in Israel which will insure that your vacation is as pleasant as possible.

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The advantages of renting a car on a holiday

you just ordered your flight tickets to Israel for your family and for you, and now you are wondering weather you should add the additional expense of a car rental. Car rental has many advantages, especially in Israel. Here are some of the advantages of renting a car on a holicar rental in israel make things simpleday that might help you make a more informed decision.

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Renting a Car in Israel

So, you are preparing for an incredible trip to Israel? Did you map out all the restaurants, bars, attractions and sights you would like to visit? Did you book a place to stay? Last but importantly not least, did you consider renting a car? 

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Traveling with kids in israel

Traveling with children is always a bit more complicated than traveling alone, but the good news is that Israel is a very 'child friendly' country.  Whether you want to explore nature, visit museums, or spend time on the beach, Israel has an exciting variety of attractions for families on vacation.

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Kosher tips

Different travelers have different needs; the awareness for the demand of kosher food by Jewish travelers has grown significantly over the past years by the travel industry all over the world. Planning a kosher Trip in Israel? here are all the things you need to know

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