Although the main focus of a business trip is to increase sales, meet clients and pursue new leads, who says you can’t mix in a bit of fun? Instead of focusing on the first word in its description, let’s put more emphasis on the second word -- trip. While traveling for work may not seem like the optimal vacation, you can add small indulgences that will take a mundane travel into something both exciting and relaxing. Instead of relying on cabs or public transportation during this outing, why not rent a car and explore these new surroundings on your own time, following your own agenda.

Be Your Own Tour Guide
Renting a car allows you to travel when you want and where you want. Finish a meeting early and have some free time? You can make a stop at the Tel Aviv beach to breathe in sea air or purchase fresh falafel and hummus. A car grants you the freedom to create an individualized schedule and fit in activities and adventures that truly take you off the beaten path and show you the non-tourist, “real” Israel.

This country is full of archeological treasures, historical areas and amazing hiking trails but many are inaccessible or very hard to reach by public transport.

Simple Logistics
Driving in Israel is on the right-hand side of the road and all signs are written in both Hebrew and English. Before arriving, download the mobile application Waze (developed in Israel) which has almost all roads in the country listed. Waze will provide you with the fastest route and provide real-time traffic and delay updates. The application will even re-route itself if a traffic jam is building up ahead and will help divert you away from congested areas. This helps guarantee you will be on-time or even early to business meetings.

Parking garages are available throughout the country and another useful application is called PinkPark which shows you available, cheap parking spots in major cities (mainly Tel Aviv). If you have plans or additional meetings on Friday evening or Saturday, you will have to rely on taking expensive cabs since public transportation doesn’t run during the Jewish Sabbath (sunset on Friday - sunset on Saturday). A rental car allows your weekend to be unrestricted and you can travel around Israel without being limited by time or holidays.

business car rental israel

Dependable, Affordable and Comfortable
These three adjectives precisely describe renting a car with Shlomo Sixt for your next business trip. Our cars are very affordable per day and will save you or your company many shekels. Filling up the entire tank of a small car in Israel is about 200 shekels while a short cab ride can cost you upwards of 50 shekels. A car makes your trip much more comfortable by giving your arms a break from carrying your luggage or souvenirs.

With your own car, you stop at the authentic, roadside hut to buy some warm pita or iced-cold, fresh lemonade. Additionally, public buses in Israel don’t have bathrooms so passengers must wait for specific times to use the restroom. By renting a car, you are in charge and can stop and go as you please.

planning a business trip to israel? join us at car rental israel. choose your car and enjoy your stay in israel!