Eating well while keeping Kashrut

Different travelers have different needs; the awareness for the demand of kosher food by Jewish travelers has grown significantly over the past years by the travel industry all over the world.


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you keep kosher and love to travel? Don’t worry, we have your back! The demand for kosher food has grown significantly in the travel industry over the past few years. Previously, kosher travelers were very limited in their options and encountered difficulties when it came to finding food in destinations around the world. There was always the opportunity to pack kosher meals but as a tourist, visiting a new place isn't quite the same without enjoying a bit of the local cuisine.

However, due to the increasing demand by kosher travelers, the travel industry has found creative and innovative ways to provide kosher food throughout the world.


you are a kosher traveler, here are a few useful travel tips:

  1. It is highly recommended that you research your next destination and make sure you know where to look for kosher products or restaurants. Most large cities have at least one or two kosher stores or cafes.
  1. Kosher food may be a bit more expensive so take this into consideration as you budget for your trip.
  1. There are specialty kosher tours or these companies can provide a customized itinerary that will fit your kosher needs. These tours will bring you to authorized kosher locations and restaurants.
  1. There are many Jewish communities around the world and Chabad Houses. If you plan to spend the weekend, you may want to spend your Sabbath meal at the Chabad House so you know it will be kosher. You may also be able to bring meat prepared by the Chabad House on the go for day trips or hikes.
  1. If you are traveling to Israel, finding a kosher hotel, restaurant or supermarket is not a problem. As Israel is a predominately Jewish country, it will be easy to come across these types of establishments. Just be sure to pay attention to what type of "kashrut" label the restaurant or product holds.
  1. If you are following strict dietary laws, it may be easiest to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice and eggs. You also bring some kosher granola or snack bars from home in between meals to keep you satisfied.
  1. Traveling by car on vacation? You can stock up on canned goods and kosher foods to bring on the go. Car rental in Israel is the perfect solution for your ultimate kosher vacation!

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