Looking for a luxurious vacation on the beach where you can also experience nature and get some exercise? For a fun getaway, visit Eilat at the southern tip of Israel, and you will make memories to last a lifetime. Here are some must-see tourist attractions for your next trip to Eilat:

Underwater Observatory Park Eilat
Visit the world-renowned Underwater Observatory in Eilat where you will see thousands of fish and sea creatures swimming around the Red Sea reef. Here you can take a reef tour in the Coral 2000 glass-bottomed boat, watch a 7D movie in the simulator, Oceanarium, and observe feeding time in the largest shark tank in the Middle East.


Dolphin Reef Eilat
There is nothing more fun than watching dolphins frolic in the sea. In Eilat’s Dolphin Reef, experience a relaxing visit, whether diving or snorkeling with dolphins or simply enjoying the relaxation pools. Afterwards, enjoy the Beach Bar, where you can sit in the water and sip a cold beer.

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Ice Skating Rink Eilat
Cool off at Eilat’s Ice Mall. Rent some skates and glide onto the rink for an hour of ice skating. Surrounded by two floors of luxurious, shopping and restaurants, this ice skating rink is a cool respite from Eilat’s hot and dry climate.


Timna National Park
Step away from the hubbub of Eilat’s tourist areas and visit majestic Timna National Park just 25 km north of Eilat. Enjoy the desert lake and all the activities for adults and children the park has to offer. Hike in the beautiful, ancient sandstone and breathe in the natural surroundings.


The Three Monkeys Pub
Have dinner at the Three Monkeys Pub on Royal Beach promenade. The pub offers fine music and dancing, along with its legendary food and alcohol options. Sit at a table on the boardwalk where you can enjoy the gorgeous sea breeze.


Mall HaYam Shopping Center
Did you know that Eilat boasts tax-free shopping? That is why Eilat’s Mall HaYam is always bustling with tourists. Mall HaYam (a play on words in Hebrew, meaning both “the mall of the sea” and “opposite the sea”) can be found right on the beach at the junction between the tourist and residential areas and just steps away from Eilat’s airport.

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Camel Ranch Eilat
Located only 10 minutes from the center of Eilat, the Camel Ranch is the place to go with your family. Complete with a rope park, donkey carts, bungee jumping, and a camel trek, the Camel Ranch will be the attraction they remember for years.
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