So you’ve arrived in Israel, found your hotel and unpacked your bags. Your tour itinerary is set and all reservations have been handled. After walking around and taking in your new sights, what’s left to do? Well, how about trying out the region’s fresh produce, mix of flavors and curated dishes? We’ve already done the research so all you’ll need to do is bring your appetite! Check out the top five not-to-miss restaurants in Israel:

Tel Aviv

Taizu - Asian Fusion

Menachem Begin 23

Are you surprised to see a non-Mediterranean restaurant as number one on our list? Israel is a mini melting pot of flavor and this is reflected in Chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s mixture of five different asian cuisines: Indian, Chinese, Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese. The dishes are well-thought out and you must order the dumplings and mango ice cream for dessert. It is recommended to reserve a table in advance as this restaurant is highly popular and usually fully booked.

Onza - Middle Eastern

Rabbi Khanina 3, Jaffa

We understand you are visiting Israel for what else - Israeli food! Onza’s menu is a twist on modern Middle Eastern with a hint of Turkish influence. Located down one of the winding, cobbled streets of Jaffa, Onza’s tables are mainly located outside (they even provide blankets if you’re cold!). The food is top-rated and includes the usual favorites such as hummus, tahina, shwarma and knafe for dessert. There are also vegetarian options to satisfy all palates.

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The Ecualyptus - Israeli Steakhouse

14 Khativat Yerushalayim

When traveling in Jerusalem, The Ecualyptus is a destination you must put on your list. Located within the artist’s colony, the menu is Middle Eastern and focuses on their delectable meats. Diners rave about the tasting menu, a huge portion with multiple dishes all curated by the chef. Although this restaurant is known for their meat courses, all tasting menu dishes can be substituted vegetarian so everyone can truly enjoy. This restaurant is housed within a historic building, and exudes a calm and elegant ambience.



Ein El Wadi - Lebanese

26 Wadi

Ein El Wadi is an authentic Lebanese restaurant in an intimate setting which makes it feel like you are eating a home-cooked meal. All the dishes are prepared using homemade spices and everything is served in very generous portions. Highly recommended is the shish barak, a traditional Lebanese dish which consists of tiny meat dumplings prepared in a yogurt stew. The owners and staff are described as welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and warm.



Pago Pago - Seafood

North Beach Lagoon

Pago Pago is the epitome of a beach resort restaurant - delicious fresh fish enjoyed while overlooking the Read Sea on the marina. The menu ranges from all types of cooked seafood served as appetizers and main dishes. It is recommended to order extra bread with the mussels appetizer as the sauce is a meal within itself. Pago Pago has a sushi chef on-site who creates unique rolls incorporating different flavors and combinations. When eating at Pago Pago, be sure to save some room for dessert as it is widely considered delicious and tops off the perfect meal. Try ordering the tiramisu or poppy seed ice cream for a special treat.

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