Israeli breakfast is typically known as eggs (any way you choose), soft and hard cheese, tahini, Israeli chopped salad, olives, tuna, warm bread, jam, butter, a cold and a hot drink. Israel is also known for shakshuka, eggs baked into a tomato base with onions and peppers, served with freshly baked bread for dipping. With influence from Yemen, jachnun is a popular dish in Israel served on the Sabbath morning. This delicacy consists of caramelized, flaky rolls of dough served with hard-boiled eggs and a spicy tomato sauce called “skhug.” Another baked good eaten daily is called a “boureka,” a circular or square pastry stuffed with feta cheese, tomatoes, potato, or spinach. Accompanying each meal, Israelis typically drink a hot beverage such as tea with mint or a strong, black coffee also known as Turkish coffee.

Throughout the country, there are many restaurants with breakfast on the menu but for the purpose of this article, let’s focus on places that are known for the best breakfast in Israel (in my opinion). So get your appetites ready and let’s take a trip around Israel in search of the breakfast you’ve been dreaming of…

Best in Tel Aviv: Benedict’s

Benedict’s is the breakfast place in Israel. No matter what time of day, the waiters will greet you with “boker tov” or “good morning” in Hebrew. Benedict’s is open 24/7 and offers American and Israeli style breakfast options. Tower-high pancakes and French toast are popular and each meal is accompanied by freshly squeezed juice, a warm drink, or cocktail. Each time you sit down at the table, you receive an unlimited freshly baked bread basket with nutella, apple jam, and butter on the side. Living up to its name, Benedict’s eggs benedict is delicious with seven different variations.

Locations: Tel Aviv (Ben Yehuda and Rothschild), Herzeliya, Herzeliya Pituach, and Rishon LeZion


Best in the North: Café Louise

While Café Louise is located throughout Israel, the Haifa branch is special and worth the visit. Found on Mount Carmel, Louise offers “Kibbutz style” breakfasts such as large plates with all different kinds of spreads, salads, bread, and eggs cooked to your preference. Juices and shakes are well-known at Louise, using fresh ingredients and delicious fruit.  A health food store opened next to the café due to the popularity of these drinks. Louise is perfect for vegetarians and vegans as there are many dishes on the menu satisfying these eaters. Be sure to check out the pavement running through the floor of Louise!

Locations: Haifa, Ramat Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Ramat Hahayal, Rehovot, Binyamina, Kfar Saba, Drorim, Tivon, Krion, Kiryat Motzkin


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Best in Jerusalem:  Tmol Shilshom Café

Found off the busy Yoel Moshe Salomon Street in Jerusalem, Tmol Shishom Café is a cozy and intimate restaurant located upstairs at the back of a 150-year-old building. The space consists of a shaded terrace and two closed dining areas. Within this old, charming cafe there is also a library so you can enjoy your meal surrounded by books.  Israel’s best-known authors host readings at Tmol Shishom frequently. The menus are written within popular books covers and utilize original names for the dishes. Tmol is known for their shakshuka, served with fresh Israeli salad, tahnini, and toasted homemade bread. Be sure to try the home brewed apple cider, perfect to enjoy in the winter. To find the restaurant, look for the street filled with colorful umbrellas above and you will see the sign. This special cafe is a unique blend of library, second-hand bookshop, coffee shop, and brunch spot.

Location:  5 Yo'el Moshe Salomon, Jerusalem


Best in the South:  Kornmehl Goat Cheese Farm

For an authentic experience off the beaten path, make a stop at Kornmehl Goat Cheese Farm in Beersheva. Found in the middle of the desert, this farm offers amazing views and fantastic breakfast options. The location overlooks remnants of terraces from an ancient farm dating back to around 3,000-4,000 BCE. This “goat cheese oasis” was created in 1997 by graduates of the Faculty of Agricultural Science at Hebrew University. The relaxing restaurant offers all types of cheese, yogurt, bread, and salads. For the goat cheese experience, visitors recommend the knafeh, a latte served with goat milk, and goat milk pizza. Enjoy this distinctive peace of nature with a cup of hot coffee in hand.

Location:  Route 40, south of Beersheba

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