The country may be small and populated but there are relaxing, quiet areas from North to South that are waiting to be explored. Move over Italy and France…Israel is the new place for love -- whether it be new couples on their honeymoon or those who are looking to rekindle that spark. Check out the list below to impress your partner with some must-see destinations. Be sure to keep these places secret or everyone will steal your date ideas!

Ramon Crater

Mitzpe Ramon

The Ramon Crater is in southern Israel surrounded by sand dunes. This natural, massive erosion is 40 km long (25 miles), 10 km wide (6 miles), and measures 2,400 feet at its largest dip. During the day, you can take a drive (or hike for the adventurous) into the crater to see the “Carpentry Shop.” The name is fitting for a hill full of black rocks that looks to have been perfectly “sawed” (a result of warmed volcanic steam). Visit the crater at night for a clear sky full of stars lighting up the backdrop of sandy cliffs. Relax on a blanket in the heart of the desert and love will truly be in the air.

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Wohl Rose Garden

Eliezer Kaplan Street, West Jerusalem

Israel is one of the world’s largest producers of flowers and specifically roses. The Wohl Rose Garden is a public garden in the Givat Ram area of Jerusalem. The garden is located across from the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), near the Israeli Supreme Court. Established in 1981, this beautiful park contains 15,000 rose bushes representing more than 400 types of roses. The park covers 19 acres and inside there is a “Garden of Nations” which is composed of different varieties of roses, native to each respective country. There is also an area which tests new kinds of roses to see their compatibility for private and public gardens in Israel. The park is considered one of the eleven most beautiful rose gardens in the world. Throughout the park, there are also rolling hills, a pond full of plants and fish, a waterfall and many sculptures.


Ein Hod Artists’ Village

Southeast Haifa, foot of Mount Carmel

Dada artist Marcel Janco and a group of other artists founded Ein Hod in 1953. This is the only village of its kind in Israel and one of very few in the world. The artists’ village is located within the Hof Carmel region, surrounded by fruit orchards and olive groves. The village slopes down from the green Carmel mountain to the blue seashore. This breathtaking landscape enhances the beauty and creativity of the art found here. There are 150 artists and families who currently reside in Ein Hod. Among those who live in the village, ten represent winners of the Israel National Award given to world-famous architects, jewelers and designers. The Ein Hod Central Art Gallery is found in the middle of the village and local work is presented. The Janco Dada Museum contains a permanent exhibit of Janco’s work along with contemporary pieces and exhibit space for emerging artists.

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Palmachim Beach

End of road 4311, near Rishon LeZion

A breath of fresh air from the nearby crowded beaches of Tel Aviv, Palmachim truly is a hidden gem of Israel. Palmachim is located near Rishon LeZion on the Mediterranean Sea. Recognized as a national park, Palmachim is a place for relaxation and only contains a few lifeguards (depending on the season), restrooms and a few shady huts. Touristy restaurants, bars and stores are nowhere to found at Palmachim and this is what gives the beach it’s magical feeling. The beach displays Israel’s undisturbed nature and offers beautiful views of low cliffs in the south and the Tel Aviv skyline to the north. For the ultimate romantic experience, visit Palmachim close to sunset and you will feel like you have discovered your own private island.