Sites created exclusively by nature

Prepare to be amazed! We’re talking about Israel’s natural and surprising wonders. Here are the top four sites to visit that display the country’s innate beauty.


  1. Masada

This is a desert fortress close to the Dead Sea which was the site of the last resistance of an ancient Jewish group called the Zealots. In 73 CE, this sect struggled against the Romans and hid out on top of this mountain. You can hike up to the 1,300 foot peak by traveling the Snake Path (45 minutes) or riding a cable cart. Explore the ramparts built by the Romans and ruins used by the Zealots such as a synagogue and bathhouse. Experience Masada at sunrise and feel the true magic of the area.


  1. The Banias Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located at the base of Israel’s tallest mountain, Mount Hermon. This site can be found nearby the Golan Heights. The spring comes from the Banias River which is one of the main outlets of the Jordan River. This massive waterfall is the largest in Israel and to reach this natural wonder, you can hike through a short trail. Historical sites in the region include the Banias Cave, built for the Greek god Pan, and the remains of Herod’s temple.

The banias waterfall israel

  1. The Dead Sea

The very heart of tourism in Israel is the amazing Dead Sea. Every year thousands of tourists arrive to the lowest place on earth to experience the feeling of floating on the salty water of the most unique sea on the face of the planet.

The Dead sea

  1. Ramon Crater

The crater is found in Mitzpe Ramon and is one of the biggest of the three Negev craters. It is 40 kilometers long and 2-10 kilometers wide, shaped like a long heart. The name Ramon derives from Arabic word “Ruman” meaning Romans. The Ramon Crater is 500 meters deep and includes a variety of mountains and rocks, colored in deep reds and browns. You can repel or hike down the crater and for a jaw-dropping view, head to the Mitzpe Ramon Visitors Center and observe the large drop of the Crater.

ramon carter

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  1. Timna Park

Near Eilat, Timna Park is at the corner of the Negev. This park displays jagged desert scenery found at one of the most beautiful corners of the Negev. There are huge cliffs and overwhelmingly large boulders lining the park over multi-colored sand. The area holds a copper mining history, dating back to the time of the Egyptians. Explore the region and discover ancient mine shafts and inscriptions on rocks. There is also an alpaca farm in Mitzpe Ramon that allows you to buy animal food and feed the alpacas.


  1. Eilat

No vacation in Israel is perfect without a trip to the magnificent red sea and one of the most enjoyable touristic cities of Israel. Dan hotels in Eilat provide the arriving tourists with the best conditions for an unforgettable vacation and a pleasant trip. After seeing these few sides of Israel, it's time to visit Tel Aviv and discover even more of Israel's versatile nature.

            Diving in Eilat

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