Whether you are looking for sunny beaches, shopping or culture, you don't have to look far, Tel Aviv is the exactly what you are looking for. Chosen as one of the top 10 cities to party in, Tel Aviv offers a little bit of everything and everyone can find something to do in this city. If you are planning on visitng Israel, Tel Aviv is definitely a must see city.

Tel Aviv The City that Never sleep


Tel Aviv offers sunny beaches, great shopping and culture. There is an exciting nightlife scene in Tel Aviv and it was chosen as one of the top 10 places to party. Tel Aviv was named the White City after its large number of Bauhaus style buildings and white facades. 

Jaffa is on the southern end of Tel Aviv and one of the oldest ports in the world. Jaffa is a walled city with winding allies and galleries. There is also a Jaffa Flea Market or Shuk Hapishpishim sells antiques, clothing, souvenirs and art. Restaurants offering fresh fish and classic Middle Eastern dishes line the port with outdoor seating facing the docked boats.

Shopping in Tel Aviv


On the opposite end of the city, the Tel Aviv Port or “the Namal” is filled with great restaurants, shopping and nightclubs. You can reach this area but walking down the beach from Jaffa to Northern Tel Aviv, renting a bike or easily hopping in a cab. Nearby is Park Hayarkon, a beautiful green space featuring a zoo, lake, concert venue and running paths.

Another interesting area that’s becoming very trendy and hipster is Florentine. Compared to Soho in Manhattan, Florentine is fashion-focused and edgy. Nightlife in Florentine ranges from pretty hidden, low key spots to cocktail lounges to dance clubs.

Tel Aviv beaches

Aviv is bursting with culture and each year, White Night or “Layla Lavan” is celebrated in the city. It is held at night free of charge and features art and music at locations throughout Tel Aviv. This event usually occurs at the end of June, early July. No matter when you visit, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Israel’s largest) is a must-see.

Tel Aviv Cusine


Must see attractions in Tel Aviv you do not want to miss:

Beaches in Tel Aviv – The shoreline of Tel Aviv is almost 15 kilometers long. On that shore the tourists can enjoy many lovely beaches, each with its own specialty and its unique atmosphere. Beaches like Gordon and Frishman are located in the center of Tel Aviv. Many tourists come to visit those beaches since many hotels, including Dan hotels in Tel Aviv, are located not far from them. Hof tupim is a unique beach that attracts many young people, engaging in various games, dancing, playing instruments, practicing yoga, juggling, etc.

On the northern part of the shore, neighboring Herzliya, there are two famous beaches, Tel Baruch and Hof Hatzuk. Those beaches are different from the rest of the beaches in Tel Aviv because they are surrounded by beautiful rocky cliffs. All the beaches in Tel Aviv provide the visitors with clean water showers, organized bathrooms and of course professional life guard services during the swimming season.

playing in the beach

Tel Aviv markets  – Tel Aviv is rich with many colorful and exotic markets which every tourist should visit on his trip to Israel. The most famous market is the Flea market of Jaffa.  In the flea market you will find many second hand stores, oriental goods, local food restaurants and of course, an unforgettable, magical atmosphere, just like in childhood fairytales. Another market worth visiting is the Nahalat Binyamin market. Every Tuesday and Friday, many talented artists gather on the Nahalat Binyamin street, selling beautiful handmade objects that can serve as souvenirs. If you wish to purchase a unique souvenir from Israel, Nahalat Binyamin market is a great place to start looking for it. Not far from Nahalat Binyamin, you will find the Carmel market. This is the local market which offers various goods in fair prices. In the Carmel market you can buy different kinds of merchandise, clothes and fresh fruits or vegetables. Another market that should not be skipped is Dizengoff food market. Every Friday Dizengoff center shopping mall opens its gates to a colorful food market, offering different kinds of dishes from various cuisines. You can buy any hot dish and eat on the spot or buy  a take away meal for later.


Guided tours in Tel Aviv – in order to experience the city of Tel Aviv from a whole different perspective, it is highly recommended to join one of Tel Aviv’s guided tours. Some tours offer you a historical review of the city. You will be able to visit important sites from the British Mandate and learn about Tel Aviv’s history before the foundation of Israel. Another kind of tours offer cultural outlook on the city. You will be able to explore the art in Tel Aviv, learn about many artists living and creating in Tel Aviv, On one hand visiting important art galleries and museums, on the other hand, enjoying the wonderful creations of street art and graffiti, decorating building and of Tel Aviv.

Another kind of tours that might interest any tourist is a culinary tour. On this tour you will be able to try different kinds of local food eat the best hummus and falafel in Tel Aviv, taste and smell exotic aromas on the spices market of Levinski and enjoy oriental dishes in Jaffa. Every one of the hotels in Israel will be able to provide you with farther information about the available tours in Tel Avivduring the period of your trip.


Apart from Tel Aviv, Israel  has so much to offer - The mysterious terraces of Baha’i  in Haifa, the dead sea -  the lowest point of the Earth,  the hly city of Jerusalem , Eilat and so much more. In order to see them all you need to hire car rental Israel, just to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.