Eilat, the southest city in Israel its a  diving  and water adventures Paradise, but the  Eilat is much more then this - its a vivid city full of night life and restaurant -  the perfect location for your holoday vacation.


Welcome to Eilat

Hidden treasures in the desert

Eilat, a city found in the south of Israel, is a water lover’s paradise. This beach town is full of water adventures, diving and snorkeling destinations. Since the weather stays warm all year-round, Eilat is considered a top destination for Europeans during the winter. There is a great atmosphere here and at night, the city stays alive with restaurants, bars and clubs. There is an airport in the center of Eilat (right by the hotels) which makes traveling simple and efficient. Eilat is also only a short drive from Sinai.

Hiking is a popular activity in Eliat and you can explore the desert or stroll down beautiful scenic paths. The multicolored mountains provide the perfect backdrop for your adventures. You can repel down amazingly steep cliffs that will give you a rush and the feeling of taking flight. On Mount Zefachot, you can see four countries: Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and the tip of Saudi Arabia.
Eilat the Perfect Vacation

The Red Sea in Eilat is filled with beautiful fish, coral reefs and clear, blue water. Eilat is a great location to scuba dive, snorkel, tube or ride in a glass bottom boat. For the more adventurous, you can skydive, jet ski or parasail. If you just want to relax and breathe in the salty sea air, there are beaches with lounge chairs dotting the water’s edge. The Underwater Observatory Marine Park is also located in Eilat, and features tropical fish, turtles and a shark tunnel.

Diving in the red sea

When the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t stop in Eilat! There are many clubs and bars throughout the city. Every night of the week is a party and most bars offer happy hour deals. If you’re not into the club scene, not to worry! Shopping can be done at night and there are carnival rides and games in the center of the boardwalk.

Whether you’re into the outdoors, water sports or lying in the sun, Eilat offers unique opportunities for all.  Take advantage of Eilat’s luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and beautiful shorelines!


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