A city full of ancient ruins

Caeserea is located halfway between Tel-Aviv and Haifa and is full of Israeli history. When exploring Ancient Caesarea, you can find a Roman amphitheatre, port, hippodrome, and aqueduct all built by Herod the Great around 25-13 BCE. The port in the city was called Caesarea Maritima and was a hub for ships and trade. Caesarea was an administrative center for the Judea Province of the Roman Empire. It also served as the capital of the Byzantine Palaestina Prima province throughout this time period. A Jewish town was created near the ruins of the old city of Caesarea in 1952.

caesarea old harbor

Ancient Caesarea

Caesarea contains a magnificent archaeological site which has been incredibly restored and brought back to life. You can discover lost treasures in the underwater antiquities park or go back in time with a walk inside the hippodrome. The impressive amphitheatre was once a 15,000 seat open air auditorium which today remains largely intact and is still used for concerts and events.


Modern Caesarea

Alongside the ruins you can find modern cafes, quaint restaurants, romantic corners and a sandy beach. Caesarea is a unique city since it is managed privately due to an agreement made between the Rothschild family and the State of Israel. The land is not actually owned by the State of Israel but is leased from the Rothschild family for 200 years. Profits made by the city are shared and invested back into art, culture and education.


Playing golf in caesarea

There are different clusters throughout Caesarea and one is known as “The Golf Cluster” since it is so close to the Caesarea Golf Course. This course was built on an ancient Arab town which houses Egyptian and Greek structures and ruins. There is also a booming business area in Caesarea called “The Business Park” which is on the edge of the city, home to about 170 companies. You can easily reach the city from the coastal road (Highway #2), on the way to Haifa. All you have to do in order to see Caesarea is Just pick up you car in shlomo SIXT car rental in Israel, and enjoy your holiday