Israel Northern Region

The Golan Heights is full of a rich history and agricultural importance for Israel. This area is located on the northern tip of Israel in a mountainous region of the country.  Nights in the Golan Heights are chilly due to the elevation. In the winter, skiers take advantage of snow-covered Hermon Mountain which provides great skiing conditions.

The Golan Heights produces 15% of Israel’s water supply, which is incredible when taking into account how much water Israel needs (since it’s so hot!). The Golan Heights has seen many wars caused by tension between Israel and the neighboring country of Syria. Although there were disputes in the past, the area is completely safe and well-protected.

Watching the sea of galilee

A Bit of History

Historically, the Golan Heights holds an important biblical significance for Jews. This area was lost by the Jewish people and reclaimed several thousand years later. The archeological remains of 34 synagogues were discovered in the Golan area.

In 1980, the Golan Heights was annexed to Israel. Burial grounds from 4,000 years ago were found as well as a 2,000 year-old Jewish city. A monastery with a Byzantine church from over 1,500 years ago is also located in the area. Katzrin is the capital of the Golan Heights and has been occupied 4,000 years.

Golan heights

Things to See & to Do

There are also many restaurants that cook with locally-derived fresh ingredients and spices. The Druze community began to settle the area in the 15th and 16th centuries and there are about 17,000 Druze living in the Golan Heights today. Druze are known for their hospitality, delicious delicacies and unique tea.

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If you’re looking for incredible views and tasty food, be sure to visit the Golan Heights on your next trip to Israel!

The banias waterfall Israel in the golan

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