If you want to see Israel in full bloom, plan a visit in Mid-January until the end of February and you will enjoy all the colors the small country has to offer. After a short but rainy winter, the south shows its true colors. In a climate that is usually considered desert-like, it is truly a joy to behold these beautiful flowers growing in the most unlikely spot.


Anemones or Kalaniyot

Anemones are perennials and grow wild, and that is why they are highly seasonal. As one of the protected flowers of Israel, it is illegal to pick wild Kalaniyot, so when you see them in the south, don't pick any to take home. You can buy Kalaniyot in some flower markets that buy them from fields.


These flowers come in different colors. The classic one is red with a black center, but they can also be found in a variety of colors like white, yellow, purple, and lilac. Be sure to drive around and see them in all their multicolored glory.


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Darom Adom Festival

This festival was established in 2007 so people from all over Israel and the world could go to southern Israel and enjoy the sites. There are farmers' markets, agriculture tours, and performances throughout the Negev during this time of year. The festival lasts for a month and a half every year, rendering it the lengthiest festival in Israel.


Where to Find Darom Adom Flowers

You can drive around and see anemones in many parts of the Negev, but here are some places you won't want to miss:



This religious Moshav in southern Israel is minutes from Netivot and displays a beautiful blanket of red Kalaniyot.


Or HaNer

Located near Sderot, this 65-year old Kibbutz is the perfect place to relax and look at the vast fields of Kalaniyot.


Pura Nature Reserve

In this northern Negev area, you can find a variety of flower fields including anemones, poppies, orchids, and mandrakes.



Known as the site of the oldest Jewish settlement in the Negev, this Kibbutz carries a rich history and a beautiful sea of flowers in the spring.


Wherever you decide to visit in January or February, make sure you have a rental car at your disposal, so you have the ability to drive all over the south and view the beautiful blooms of Israel.