Are you looking for a fun activity to enjoy with your family or friends over the next holiday? Skiing at Mount Hermon should be on the list. The Hermon resort operates all year, and you can, therefore, go there at any time you wish.

About Harmon Resort

This resort covers an area of approximately 2,434 acres. It reaches heights of between 1,500 and 2,234 meters above sea level. If you love skiing, then Mount Hermon is the destination for you. Just grab your skiing gear and head to the skiing resort for a chilly weekend filled with fun. Mount Hermon has become a tourist sensation and also happens to be one of the most scenic attractions in Israel all year round.

The Best Time to Go Skiing

Winter season is the best time to visit Hermon resort for skiing. The mountain slopes offer an excellent platform for snowboarding and skiing, especially with the wide range of trails that are ideal both for beginners and veteran skiers. Mount Hermon remains a great tourist sensation, with or without snow. However, with its fantastic ski runs with two of them being declared as Olympic-standard, the best time to go there for skiing is in January and February to enjoy the winter fix.  During the summer season, the place is less crowded, and the entrance to the ski resort is free. Although you cannot ski at this time, you can walk along the trails of the mountains as you experience nature and see the unique and beautiful flowers and fauna.


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Skiing Facilities in Mount Hermon

Although the skiing facilities might not be as excellent as the best in North America and Europe, the experience you get here is worthwhile. There are enough T-bars and chairlifts to accommodate those who wish to take the experience to the next level. There is also a ski school where beginners can learn more about how to avoid sustaining injuries, not forgetting a well-packed ski accessory shop for those who come unprepared.

How Safe is Mount Hermon?

The place is super reliable, and since it is a very high mountain, you can trust that nothing unsafe goes on in the areas open for the public. Your safety is, therefore, guaranteed.

The best way to get to Hermon is by private car. Luckily if you do not have one, you can rent A car straight from the airport to the skiing resort and get to enjoy this life-changing experience. You should note that there no tour guides to take you to the mountain top, and therefore a car is an added advantage.

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