There are two main seasons in Israel: hiking and stay at home. The high temperatures between May and September drive people to pack their hiking boots. However, there’s still a way to get outside regardless of the scorching summer temperatures, as most hiking trails go through streams that offer relief from the high temperatures. Many water hike trails are free with clear signage to show you the way. If you’re going for these water hikes, wear a comfortable walking shoe that you don’t mind getting wet. Have an extra pair of clothes to change into at the end of the hike. Enjoy your quality time hiking through several streams that crisscross Israel. Even better, the wet hike routes are ideal for families with kids. Here are Israel's top three water hikes.


Ein Maboa

Also known as the Ein Fawwar Springs, it runs through the Prat River (Wadi Kelt riverbed), carrying water from Judea Hills to River Jordan. The Ein Maboa hike is quite enjoyable. However, the fun part of this hike is swimming in the spring pools. Every day, an underground cave fills up with subterranean water that empties into a pool when full. The water remains in the pool for 30 minutes before rejoining Prat River to continue with the journey. When hiking, walk for 300 meters from the car park into the old British-era pumping station. Springwater flows into this station and empties after 20 minutes to continue on its course. On this hiking trail, you’ll see ancient mosaics on the ground and the old aqueduct.

Israel’s Top 3 Water Hikes


The Darga

The Nahal Dragot trail, commonly known as the Darga, is a "must-do" adventure hike. Located near the Dead Sea, this trail is for experienced hikers only. You'll need a rope to descend some cliffs, which are 50 meters in height.

Nahal Kziv  

This is among the most beautiful trails in Israel. It meanders through the Galilee, where it follows a perennial stream passing through the mountains and a Crusader Fortress into a spring tunnel. The trail involves a 6km circular trail suitable for all ages. There are also other trails like Ein Tamir tunnels that aren't circular. Be sure to bring a flashlight on this trail. If you love trekking, Israel should be your next destination. It has beautiful landscapes with crisscrossing streams. Book a rental car to these and other hiking trails in the country. With it, you can visit other attractions, places, and villages to interact with people and learn about their culture.


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