Israel though a small country, boasts of the beautiful valleys, beaches, natural rock formations, and the famous Dead Sea. Even better, its springs flow through the valleys to emerge as magnificent waterfalls with some going beyond 50 meters in height. The waterfalls are a blessing to the Israeli people. They give a respite from the dry and harsh climate in the country. Some are accessible by foot while others require a hike through national parks and reserves. Here’s a list of extraordinary waterfalls. Visit them today and enjoy their tranquility and clear waters.


Gamla Waterfall

Located in Gamla National Park, it’s the highest waterfall in the country. It descends 51 meters deep into a canyon to join the Sea of Galilee. Hiking into the waterfall takes 45 minutes through huge rocks and griffon vultures along the way. The Gamla National Park is credited as an archaeological site with artifacts dating over 4,000 years ago.

Tanur Waterfalls

It’s located in the Ayun stream nature reserve in Galilee. The stream flows through the reserve to form the 30 meters waterfall before joining the sea of Galilee. The shape of this waterfall resembles a piece of clothing that's worn by Arabs, hence the name Tanur. It’s near Metula town, thus more comfortable and fun to hike into.

Top Israel Waterfalls


Nahal David

This is an historical monument. It is here that King David hid from King Saul and his men. The stream, famous for its four springs, flows throughout the year into the Dead Sea. People have been living in this area for over 5,000 years.

Banias Waterfall

The Banias Waterfall is located inside the Banias Reserve. The spring forming this waterfall originates from Mount Hermon. To access this waterfall, you have to hike through the dense forest for more than 15 minutes. The spring water flowing down this waterfall empties into River Jordan. The Banias Nature reserve is surrounded by caves and rocks full of birds and harmless mammals. Visiting one or more waterfalls takes you closer to nature. It allows you to enjoy beautiful sites and learn about the culture and history of Israelites. The best option when visiting these sites would be to rent a car from the airport, so you can visit each one at your convenience. Also, you can use the rental car to experience the rich history and culture of the Israeli people.

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