Hamat Gader hot springs are a unique tourist attraction in Northern Israel. Tucked eastward of the Jordan River and under the Sea of Galilee, it features unique attractions for ages. People have been using these hot springs since the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago. Further, Hamat Gader boasts of the only crocodile farm in the Middle East.

The History of Hamat Gader – Hot Springs  

Hamat Gader is a renowned health and recreation site since Roman times. It’s construction as a bath complex begun in the 2nd century. The 10th Roman Legion was in charge of the construction process.

At the site, two distinct constructions are evident; one by the Romans and the other by Muslims. The Romans built significant parts of the bath complex. Muslims, on the other hand, undertook major changes to the existing architecture.

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What Will You Find at Hamat Gader

Other than hot springs, Hamat Gader has a lot to offer. You can find several restaurants, fishing ponds, an archeological site, and animal-based attractions.

The Hamat Gader Animals

At the far end of the Hamat Gader resort are the animal features. They include the crocodile farm, parrot show, petting zoo, and mini wildlife preserve. All these offer an incredible opportunity for your family to relax and have fun.

The petting zoo houses rabbits, tortoises, dwarf goats, and baby deer. Therefore, it's ideal for kids as they can pose with these animals. Mini wildlife also has a lot to offer. The animals include meerkats, baboons, ostriches, axis deer, and many more.

The crocodile farm houses over 200 alligators. The visitors use floating bridges to see these predators. Further, the alligator feeding process is shown in the summer months.

If you have kids, a parrot show is a must-see for them. Watch the parrots speak to the audience and perform tricks in the show. The parrot show lasts for 15 minutes.

When to Visit Hamat Gader

The visitation time depends on your personal needs. For instance, if the sole purpose of your visit is the hot springs, then winter is the ideal time. However, when touring the Hamat Gader Antiquities, summer is your best bet.

The ticket costs are higher on weekends due to high traffic. If you're on a budget, consider visiting during weekdays.

Are you planning to visit Hamat Gader attraction sites? Consider renting a car from the airport to this archaeological site. Drive around the country as you enjoy its rich history and beautiful scenery.


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