The Jerusalem Biblical zoo is the most popular tourist attraction. In 2002, after expanding its hectare campus by 14 hectares, an idea to build an aquarium was hatched. It intends to conserve the Israel aquatic habitat. The Gottesman Family Israel aquarium addresses this by focusing on research, education, and conservation.

Why Visit Gottesman Family Aquarium

Israel's aquatic life faces an uncertain future. The challenges include overfishing and pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Human activities and global warming result in the loss of coral reefs in the Red Sea. The Dead Sea is also shrinking in size.

Unless something is done, local species may go extinct. As such, there’s an urgent need for public awareness, research, and conservation programs to address this challenge at a local level.

How Gottesman Family Aquarium Conserves Local Marine Life


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Yes, the aquarium is an architectural masterpiece. The primary objective is to conserve marine life. But how?

It educates thousands of people on the value of the aquatic ecosystem. As such, the local communities get empowered to protect marine habitats. The breeding centers develop a repository for endangered species. As a conservation, this aquarium has a lot to offer. Visit today and enjoy the amazing aquatic wildlife.

The Price

The Gottesman Family Aquarium is open to the public. The entrance charges are at 50 shekels per ticket. If you’re visiting this aquarium, you’ll need to budget for more than 50 shekels. The extra money will cover transportation costs and other miscellaneous expenses.

Guided or Unguided Tour

Are you planning to visit this attraction site? Then, register for a guided or unguided visit in advance. Once you register, purchase your tickets.

The decision you make here is dependent on your day and time of travel. For instance, guided visits are available in groups during the weekdays in the morning. Visits from 1400 hours, holidays, and weekends are unguided.

The tours and visits last for an hour and a half. Make sure you arrive at the aquarium 15 minutes before the start of your tour. It ensures you get maximum services.

Hire a Rental Car

The aquarium entrance is one kilometer away from the zoo’s main entrance. Plus, no buses are linking the two attraction sites. How then do you access the aquarium? Hire a rental car to the aquarium. You’ll love the experience.


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