Heading to Israel for a trip soon? Jerusalem is famous for its cultural events and festivals all year round. Here are the top events you don't want to miss.


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Jerusalem Day

This holiday is celebrated with a march to the Western Wall, starting in two different locations. It commemorates the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six-Day War in 1967 and is celebrated every year in May or June. Here you will find tens of thousands of Israeli youth and families marching through the Jerusalem streets bearing Israeli flags and singing traditional celebratory Hebrew songs.


Wine Festival

The Jerusalem Wine Festival takes place every summer at the Israel Museum. Along with dozens of different wine brands and flavors, there is also a stage where a live band is playing contemporary music to dance to. This is also a good place to taste and buy liquors with exotic flavors such as etrog and ginger.


Jerusalem March

This event takes place every September/October and coincides with the Jewish holiday Sukkot. It brings together people from all over Israel and all over the world to celebrate Israel and show support for the state. You can find tens of thousands of visitors from the Far East, Africa, the US, among many others.


Jerusalem Knights Festival

This festival brings together Medieval culture with Israeli culture. Here you will find lessons in fencing, bow and arrow, and many arts and crafts. You will also be able to make your own pita in a taboun. Every year, the theme changes. A new theme is combining knights with ninja-type fighting. The festival is free of charge and begins at Jaffa Gate.


Chutzot H'Yotzer (Arts and Craft Festival)

Sometime in August, artists and craftsmen from all over Israel and the world come together to display their wares for purchase across the street from the Old City walls. Enjoy street food booths while you listen to live music or watch circus performers. Wander into the Betzalel School of Art's booth and take a look at what its students have been creating. Every night, a different famous performer takes the stage to a packed audience.


Whichever time of year you visit Israel, there is always something happening in Jerusalem that you don't want to miss. Don't waste time waiting for public transportation when you can rent a car and get around easily.


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