Jerusalem is famous for its holy sites and ancient landmarks. But did you know that Jerusalem is also a shopping hub? There are many places to shop in Jerusalem, and here are the best ones.




This beautiful pedestrian mall is the perfect dichotomy of old meeting new. The stones in the ancient walls are numbered so that the rebuilders were able to recreate the ancient look of the arches. Inside stores like MAC, Castro, and SoHo, you will be amazed at the look of modern, shiny displays jutting out of old stone walls. After you shop, get an iced coffee at Aroma, or sit down for a delicious Italian lunch at Luciana.




This massive mall has been a Jerusalem mainstay for almost 30 years. In its walls, you will find every Israeli chain store plus some international ones, like Yves Rocher and the GAP. Head over to the never-ending food court for a snack before browsing in the mall's home electronics store or iDigital, Israel's Apple store.

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Emek Refaim


This street, set in a residential area, carries many unique shops. Here, you will find clothing boutiques and handmade jewelry shops for when you are looking for that perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Stop in at Sushi Rehavia or Roza for a delicious dinner you won't soon forget.


Machane Yehuda


If you are going shopping in Jerusalem, you must get to the outdoor market—Machane Yehuda. There, you will be delighted by the sounds and scents of the vibrant marketplace, where you can find everything from inexpensive clothing to fruit picked the day before. Food booths abound, ranging from warm almonds to gummy worm candy, fresh fish to a mountain of cherries. Don't forget to try one of the trendy restaurants in the market—Georgian pastries at Hachapuria, a meat-filled calzone at Ishtabach, or a huge pastrami sandwich at Crave.


Ben Yehuda


This iconic pedestrian mall is the place to go if you want to run into people you haven't seen in years. It is also the perfect place to buy souvenirs for your friends and family back home. Between Ahava Dead Sea products and Judaica stores dotting the road, you will certainly find what you are looking for there.


Getting around a city can be challenging, especially if you are holding many bags from your successful shopping excursion. That is why you should use car rental israel service for your shopping trip in Jerusalem.