If you have never been to Israel before, but are just passing through the country and you have a few hours to spend, or you are in Israel on vacation and want to get more acquainted with the local cultural and historic landmarks, then this is definitely the place for you.


What is Mini Israel?

Mini Israel is an amusement park meant for all occasions. It opened in 2002 with some 300 most noticeable landmarks and buildings in the country, as miniature replicas throughout the whole park. From then on, the replicas have been refurbished and some new ones have been added. Today it is one of the must-see sites in this country if you love history and geography!


About the Park

The park consists of around 350 mini buildings, complete with around 20,000 mini inhabitants. These little people are no more than 10 cm in height and are a great thing to amuse the kids with. It contains a replica of Jerusalem which is so detailed you might even feel you are in the real place. Along with every replica, there is a bit of history about it written on a plaque if you are a history buff looking to find out more about this ancient territory.


Dining and Pricing

The entrance fee into the park is around 20 dollars, which people may think is a bit steep. Still, this isn't a barrier for many, and it is quite a visited place. Amongst the miniatures, you can find full-sized coffee shops that serve excellent beverages for acceptable prices. Along with them, you will find great restaurants to sit down and eat lunch while relaxing in the Israeli sun.


Experience Israel in Wonderful 3D

Recently they have also added a 3D Max projection where you can pay for a first-class seat to the world of Israel from a bird's-eye view. This projection is a video of the whole Israel that is also in magnificent 3D. It is very interesting, and you shouldn't miss it if you are going to visit there!


The Mini Israel park isn't really that far from anything but that is only if you have a car. As in most countries, your best bet is to go for a car rental israel service. Enjoy your trip to Israel and don't forget to visit the park!