Many tourists who come to Eilat are unaware that besides the dazzlingly beautiful nature and breath-taking history, Eilat has a variety of spots where you can shop for some of the world’s most famous brands.


If you’ve been looking for a gem in the rough when it comes to shopping, you’ve come to the right place.

Ice Mall

The Ice Mall is one of Eilat’s largest general shopping centers. The mall is chock-full of fun activities for all sorts of interests. It’s an excellent respite from the steaming hot weather of Eilat.

It also has an Olympic skating rink within it, as well as over 150 shops, so you’re bound to find something for yourself.

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Big Eilat

Big Eilat is the 2nd biggest mall in Eilat. While it doesn’t have the extravagance and skating rink of the Ice Mall, it does have some things going for itself. While Ice Mall is much more populated with international, higher-class brands, Big Eilat stays true to its roots and showcases many of Israel’s most popular brands.

Besides that, you can shop for some international brands, get ice cream, and just have a fun time.

Eilat Wines

For the more sophisticated of us, or those with taste in beverages, Eilat Wines might be just the place. It’s the largest wine vendor in all of Eilat, and it backs this up with quality.

With brands from the Israeli Golan Heights, which is famous around the world for its quality and even other international high-class wines—if you’re willing to spend a bit to check out some higher-class wines—this might be the place for you. They also have a free wine Friday, where you can taste a few bottles.

Royal Sweets

If you’ve got a taste for high-class cigars, then Eilat has you covered. While the name of the shop may make you think it sells sweets, it is actually Eilat’s largest store of Cuban, Dominican, and Nicaraguan cigars.

The freshness of the cigars, as well as the humidity and temperature of the store have all been carefully monitored to ensure the best possible smoking experience within the confines of this excellent store.

If you’re looking for ways to get around all the various shopping centers, you’ll find that the public transport is quite insufficient. Because of this, most tourists should rent a car for their needs.


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