Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Millions of tourists flock there every year, and for good reason. The vast natural surfaces are often unmatched across the world.

If you’ve been thinking about the next place to have your vacation, turn your attention to some of the best nature reserves in the world:

Masada National Park

The Masada National park is only 20 to 40 minutes from the nearest city, and it is a sight to behold.

On tours you’ll see the remains of the palace of Herod the Great, as well as the most complete exhibit on Roman siege systems in the world. There are also sound and light shows, so if you get tired of seeing just pure nature, you have somewhere to go have fun and unwind.

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi, situated right next to the Dead Sea, features a variety of animals and plants endemic to it.

Ibexes, hyenas, and even groups of leopards have identified this beautiful area as their home. The biodiversity of the area is so high, it was noted even during biblical times. It also has four gorgeous springs which give water to the vast flora and fauna.


When it comes to the historic side of things, Ein Gedi boasts a temple from a time period of over 5000 years ago within it, as well as gorgeous land formations and canyons.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve

The Coral Beach Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful coral beaches in the world.

If you’re looking for a place where you can go for a good dive and look around the beautiful sea floor, then this is it.

Hula Nature Reserve

If you’re into birdwatching, the Hula Nature Reserve is going to be a treat for you. With over 200 migrating species, it’s one of the most popular birdwatching spots in the world.

It also might be your last chance, as many of the species here are nearing extinction.

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The Hermon Stream

The Banias waterfall is one of the most impressive cascades in the world and definitely the most jaw-dropping in Israel.

If you enjoy watching the raw might of nature, this might be the place for you. There’s also a lovely cave with the ruins of an ancient temple nearby.

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