Diving in Eilat

Diving is an extremely popular sport worldwide; it’s one of the most popular activities in essentially every beach town. The same rings true for the Israeli coast, especially Eilat, which is known for its excellent diving opportunities. With its plethora of amazing beaches, as well as indoor centers, it can be hard to decide where in Eilat to go diving.


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Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is extremely popular in Eilat, and it’s easy to see why. The crystal-clear waters of Eilat give way to some of the most beautiful underwater sights known to man. With over 250 coral species and an amazing 1,200 species of fish, as well as dolphins, the biodiversity of Eilat’s beaches cannot be overstated.

Getting to scuba dive won’t be too hard, as the instructors are very used to tourists. We recommend going to the Coral Beach Natural Reserve or the Dolphin Reef in order to get your scuba diving fix.


Snorkeling is much less dangerous than scuba diving, especially for children. This makes it an ideal activity for the whole family, and it is almost as much of a ride as scuba diving. Snorkeling lets you leave behind the troubles of learning to scuba dive, as well as most of the expense. The best place in Eilat to go snorkeling is the Dolphin Reef, where you’ll be able to get an up close and personal experience with some of the world’s friendliest animals. The dolphins near the reef are friendly and used to tourists, and the reef itself is filled with a variety of colorful corals.

Outside of simply the places, there are also a variety of scuba diving clubs in Eilat which will be happy to teach you the ropes.

Free Diving

While free diving has gotten less popular since the advent of scuba diving, it’s still the best way to get your adrenaline fix. You can use the same spots where you’d go snorkeling, draw your breath, and immerse yourself in the immense underwater beauties that Eilat has to offer. Fortunately, many of the popular spots aren’t very deep, meaning that you should be able to get to the seabed even through free diving.

To try out most of these, you’ll need to move out from the city center. While there is public transportation available, it is hardly ever used. If you really want to blend in, rent a car and explore Eilat’s diving opportunities at your own pace.


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