The world is flocking to Israel this year for the 2019 Eurovision contest. Held in Tel Aviv, the European music competition garners support from over 40 countries, all of which select a representative to compete in musical performances.

If you, like many others, are coming to Tel Aviv during this year’s Eurovision, here are some other things you can do!


1. Experience the Nightlife

Tel Aviv isn’t called “The City That Never Sleeps” for nothing. The non-stop party culture is definitely present in this city. The bars and venues have a top-notch, New York atmosphere. Furthermore, there’s a lot of bars for beer lovers, people that listen to rock, LGBT people, etc. Everyone will find something they like in Tel Aviv’s nightclubs.


2. Explore Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa is found just outside the premises of the modern Tel Aviv. It’s still part of the greater Tel Aviv area though, and relatively close to the city. According to the Bible, this is where Jonah set off in the belly of a whale. The remnants of ancient Roman and Ottoman structures give the old city a nostalgic and timeless vibe.

A walk through Old Jaffa is like a walk through history; some of the buildings are still used today, and turned into art galleries, museums and coffee shops for you to enjoy.


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3. Enjoy the Beaches

National Geographic has pronounced Tel Aviv one of the 10 best coastal cities to visit. This is in no small part due to the vast, beautiful beaches of the city. The water is clear, and the waves are excellent for surfing at times. When the people of Tel Aviv aren’t living it up in the city or enjoying the history, they’re in the water engaging in watersports.


You’ll find whichever sport interests you in Tel Aviv; diving and swimming are popular activities to relax and unwind, while surfing or even competitive sailing can give you your adrenaline fix.


4. Walk Through Hayarkon Park


Hayarkon Park is the most popular park in Tel Aviv, known as the city’s “Green Lung.” The park is almost four times the size of the Old City of Jerusalem. Meaning that for a weekend, or even week-long trip, you probably won’t see every part of it.

Outside of the park’s obvious natural beauties, there are also other entertainment options. There’s an aviary, climbing wall, as well as other child-friendly options. You can also decide to simply follow the river passing through the park and end up at the seaside.


5. Rummage Through the Markets

Tel Aviv has one of the most varied markets in the world. The cultural melting pot that is Israel has led to a multicultural marketplace to find its roots there.

You can find stalls selling pretty much whatever your heart desires. From spices and food, to more luxury items like clothes and jewelry. The most incredible thing is that no two stalls are the same, so moving from one stall to the next can easily mean going between two entirely different cultures, and the whole experience is bound to mesmerize you.

Getting around Israel’s second largest city can be tricky. It’s in your best interest to rent a car, as you’ll be able to travel much more freely and waste much less time on public transport. That’s why car rental services are so commonplace and affordable in Israel.


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