Eilat is a small port city in the far South of Israel. It is most famous for its marine life and beaches. From remote, stony beaches to sandy beaches with lifeguards, Eilat has something to please everyone.

The biggest attraction of this port town aren’t the beaches, the desert, or the mountains. The reason why thousands upon thousands of people go to this small town is the Dolphin Reef.


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What Is the Eilat Dolphin Reef?

The Dolphin Reef offers a truly unique and breathtaking experience. Unlike a traditional nature reserve which will let you look at the animals, the Dolphin Reef lets you swim with some of the most beautiful and intelligent creatures nature has ever created.

The dolphins and tropical fish here are not like those in a zoo, they are not held captive. Instead, they have full access to the open sea, should they ever decide to swim away. The dolphins simply love having fun with visitors so much they don’t want to leave. Due to the well-placed observation points and piers, you can take an exclusive look at the dolphins’ everyday lives that no documentary will ever be able to truly present.

If just looking isn’t your thing, the reef offers scuba diving and snorkeling, provided you’re fine with shelling out a bit for a guide. Diving is open to swimmers between the ages of 8 and 88, the whole session will last an hour, however, only half of which will actually be spent diving. It is well worth it though, as the scenery and experience stay with you your whole life. The price for a single diving session for one person is 340 NIS. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to dive up to 6 meters.

Snorkeling is similar to diving in that half the session will be spent outside of water doing the necessary preliminary activities. Unlike diving though, snorkeling will allow you to go down up to 14 meters.

In addition to this, the Dolphin Reef offers 18+ relaxation pools, where you can go to relax and unwind after a tiring day of swimming.

How Do I Get to the Eilat Dolphin Reef?

A large issue for foreign tourists coming to Eilat is transport. It can be rather difficult to reach the Dolphin Reef, especially if you’re restricting yourself to public transport. Most Israelis use a car to get around, so I recommend taking a tip from the natives and simply rent a car.

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