Haifa is one of the most beautiful and culturally enriching places in all of Israel. Containing marvels like the Bahai Temple and Gardens, it can be easy to forget that Israel’s third largest city has so much more to offer. In particular, Haifa is home to some of the most beautiful and well-curated museums in the world.

One could not hope to pick out the best museum in Haifa, so we chose a much less daunting task, and bring you what are in our opinion, the best four.

Madatech Science & Technology Museum

This museum is bound to bring that childlike sense of wonder back into your veins. In addition to hosting a myriad of scientific gimmicks to play with, the museum is a nice place to relax in. It has a café, a kids’ area, and some printing press history exhibits.

The first floor consists mainly out of fun interactive experiments for kids, demonstrating some fundamentals of science. In addition to this, there’s a nature exhibit with awesome-looking stuffed animals.

The second floor has exhibits that explain magic tricks using the fundamentals of science. The curator’s presentation is so engrossing, and the exhibits so vivid that one can feel as if attending a magic show of another kind.

Haifa City Museum

Carrying the namesake of the town, this is more of a traditional, general-purpose museum. It isn’t very specialized; however, it does show some of the coolest and most important bits of Haifa’s lengthy history. It showcases the cultural development of the city, with individualized exhibits tied to numerous cultural heritages.

If you’re travelling with children, it’s good to be informed the museum has a pornographic theater exhibit, which may not be appropriate for youngsters.

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Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art

This is the sole museum dedicated to Japan in all of the Middle East. This prized exclusivity makes it a must-visit for anyone passing through Haifa.

It showcases Japanese art and architecture, holding an amazing 7,000 pieces, ranging from shoji screens to katana and paintings. It truly captures the quirkiness and imagination of Japanese art.

Hecht Museum

Finally, there is a fascinating archeological museum. This museum is part of the University of Haifa and features the archeology and history of the whole country of Israel in a wonderfully set sequence of exhibits.

The set-up flows seamlessly and chronologically throughout the museum, giving the viewer an excellent impression and appreciation for the history of this country.

Being Israel’s third largest town, Haifa can be a bit difficult to get around. It is near-impossible to go to all these various museums by foot. The public transportation, while developed, doesn’t quite cut it either, so in the end, your best bet­ for traversing Haifa’s beauty is a rented car.

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