The sun, fun, and beaches go hand in hand when you visit Israel’s most southern point. Unlike most of Israel’s beaches, which sit on the Mediterranean Sea, Eilat’s beaches sit on the historic Red Sea. If you’re going to jump in the water, make sure to bring a pair of goggles. You never know what fish might swim alongside you.


North Beach

The North Beach is easily accessible from the hotels the line Eilat’s coast. The waters are great for swimming, and the area has plenty of bathrooms and shower facilities. People looking for some excitement can rent jet skis and take advantage of other water sports in the area. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in the area, as well as night clubs and local craft vendors. 


Princess Beach

Visitors love that this beach hasn’t been overdeveloped. Located near the Egyptian border, this is the southernmost beach in all of Israel. The beach does not have any changing areas or facilities, but it more than makes up for with stunning underwater views. Snorkelers revel in seeing fish darting around the coral reef located here. The beach also an iron bridge that leads directly to deeper water, so swimmers can jump out into the middle of the water.   

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Dolphin Reef

While this beach does charge for entry, it is an exciting ecological site. The area includes floating boardwalks so you can get up close and watch the dolphins swimming, playing and eating in their natural habitat. For an additional fee, visitors to the Dolphin Reef can actually get in the water and swim with the dolphins.


Coral Beach Nature Reserve

If you are planning on visiting the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful and well-known coral reefs in the world. The clear waters offer a stunning view into one of nature’s greatest hidden treasures. Visitors can swim, snorkel, or scuba dive into this area, where they’ll see a dizzying array of fish and water plants in colors, shapes and sizes that are rarely seen. The beach has shower and changing facilities.


Mosh Beach

If you’re looking for a beautiful view, great food and inspiring music check out Mosh’s Beach. It’s a great place to just hang out for the evening, taking in the Jordanian Mountains and enjoying the spirit of Eilat. From beaches and aquariums to off-road jeeping and tax-free shopping, Eilat has something for everyone. The next time you decide to head down to Eilat, consider renting a car so you don’t miss a thing.


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