Located in Jerusalem and commonly called the Shuk. This outdoor marketplace has over 250 vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, fresh fish and meat, spices, wine, clothing, household items and more.


Hungry visitors will enjoy the dozens of restaurants and bars located in and around Mahane Yehuda. Enjoy international and Middle Eastern foods, live music, and great drinks while you are there. Here are some of the markets you won’t want to miss while you walk through the streets of the Mahane Yehuda.


Basher - Cheese

With over 800 varieties of cheese, Basher’s Fromagerie is a must stop for cheese lovers. Run by Eli Basher who dreamt of creating a “culture of cheese” in Israel, visitors can stop by the shop, talk to knowledgeable and helpful store assistants, and taste some of the cheeses before they buy,


Visitors will delight in many cheeses that come directly from their original country. All cheddar comes from Cheddar, England, Roquefort from the Roquefort region of France, and edam from Edam in the Netherlands. The store also carries Italian pasta, smoked salmon, local dairy products, and other treats.


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David Dagim - Fish

For the last 27 years David Dagim has been serving customers high-quality fresh fish in Mahane Yehuda. David and his sons visit the ports daily, selecting the finest fish available. Customer service is a priority here, as is providing a variety of types of fish that rivals any other fish shop.


For customers looking to purchase sushi-grade Norwegian salmon, or have the right cut of fish for their family dinner party, David Dagim is the place to start.


Teller Bakery - Bread

From the outside Teller Bakery looks like one of the many bakeries dotting Mahane Yehuda. However, this legendary bakery is the most trusted bakery in Jerusalem, and its breads and baked goods are found in some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants. Stop by for their fresh baked Challah, pastries, cakes and babkas. You can buy it at the stand in Mahane Yehuda, or walk into the bakery located a few blocks away to enjoy it with a hot cup of coffee.


Make sure to carve out some time for Mahane Yehuda on your next visit to Jerusalem. With ample parking in the area, you can rent a car and drive there, giving yourself even more time to explore the city’s most vibrant marketplace.


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