Israel’s Dead Sea is actually a hypersaline lake visited by people from around the world for its natural healing properties. The minerals, mud and salty water help people with an assortment of skin problems, including psoriasis, eczema, and cellulite, and has been called the largest free spa on earth.

Located in southern Israel, the Dead Sea is a great place to visit while driving to the ancient fortress, Masada, and a nice side trip for those hiking at Ein Gedi’s Nahal Arugot and Nahal David.

The area is well known for being the lowest point on planet earth, and at over 100 feet deep, it is the deepest saltwater lake on earth.


Here are ten more interesting facts about the sea the acts as a border between Israel and Jordan.


  1. Most believe that the Dead Sea cannot support any life forms. While this is true during the summer months, the rainy season dilutes the water enough to allow some bacteria to live.
  2. The Dead Sea constantly emits asphalt, which was used in the Egyptian mummification process. Because of this phenomenon, Ancient Greeks named the Dead Sea Lake Asphaltites.
  3. The Dead Sea is surrounded by land on three side, so no water ever flows out of the Dead Sea.
  4. Dead Sea salt is bitter and is not used with food. It is used to treat different diseases.
  5. The Dead Sea is the primary source of potassium used worldwide for agricultural processes.
  6. While almost nothing can live in the Dead Sea, the area surrounding the Dead Sea is home to 618 acres of date palm trees.
  7. There are several species of birds, including the Arabian Babbler, which live around the Dead Sea year-round.
  8. The climate around the Dead Sea is dry and sunny. Less than fifty millimeters of rain fall in the area each year.
  9. The Dead Sea is highly buoyant, making it easy for people to float on top of the water in the Dead Sea.
  10. Israel’s King David and King Herod, as well as Jesus Christ and John the Baptist spent time at the Dead Sea. Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra was fond of the area and had resorts and cosmetics factories to be built on its shores.


On your next visit to Israel, be sure to rent a car and drive down to the Dead Sea area, where you can take a mud bath and float in the salty waters.


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