The various neighborhoods that make up Tel Aviv each have a personality to themselves, and together, make up the exciting, vibrant and diverse community of Tel Aviv. Visitors looking for wonderful photography opportunities only need to wander into the different neighborhoods to find discover the unique and often quirky characteristics the different neighborhoods have to offer. Here are five favorite neighborhoods to get lost in the next time you visit Tel Aviv:



It’s not glamorous, but south Tel Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood is full of hipsters living a bohemian lifestyle. The artists, wanderers and adventurers who make this area home welcome you to their coffee shops, art studios and bars. If you’re visiting the area, you don’t want to miss the photo and art studios along Salame Street, a haven for up and coming artists. You’ll also want to stop in to 24 Rupee, a fantastic Indian restaurant, or Mezcal, the best place for Mexican food in all of Tel Aviv.


Neve Tzedek

Visitors wandering through the Neve Tzedek neighborhood feel as if they’ve been transported into the narrow cobblestone streets of Barcelona and Paris. The streets are lined with European-style pastel painted homes and are great to photograph or admire as you walk through town. While you’re in the area, stop by the old train station. The area was recently restored, and contains museums, shops and restaurants. You’ll also want to check out Anits’s Cafe for ice cream dessert, or the Jajo Vino wine bar on Shabazi street. 



Time stands still when you walk through old Jaffa. The ancient port city which seemingly sprouted Tel Aviv remains a vibrant town, with narrow passageways to explore and exciting shopping markets to peruse. If you’re looking for some classic middle eastern food, stop by Abu Hassan for the best hummus in Tel Aviv. If live music and drinks are more your speed, step into the Container.

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Old North

The Old North neighborhood is home to many Anglos, and many of its restaurants, cafes and synagogues offer menus and service in English. The beaches are a little less crowded in this neighborhood, and there are lots of quiet side streets to stroll through. The farmers market and bars are located in the Tel Aviv port here, and you can get lost in the cafes and boutiques that line Basel Square.


Central Tel Aviv

All the action takes place in Central Tel Aviv. You’ll find shopping, parks, business and theaters in this area. Take in a show at Habima, Israel’s national theater, or go for manicures and shopping experiences on Dizengoff street. Whichever neighborhood you go to in Tel Aviv, you are sure to see something exciting. Rent a car, drive into town, and then just walk around the neighborhoods that you see.


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