Shaon Horef Cultural Festival

Located at multiple locations in Jerusalem, the Shaon Horef festival brings hundreds of free performances, exhibits and workshops every Monday evening in February. Already in its seventh year, part of popular festival will be held for the first time in the old City of Jerusalem, as well as in the city center and Talpiyot neighborhood.


Red Sea Jazz Festival

If you’re looking for celebration of Jazz, don’t miss the three days of wall to wall Jazz every August in Eilat. For over thirty years the Red Sea Jazz Festival has brought top performers together to the Eilat port, transforming the area into a majestic musical set overlooking the placid waters of the red sea. There is also a winter format of the event that takes place in hotel lobbies every February.


Shambala Festival

If you’re looking for something different this October, check out Shambala, a colorful tribal gathering of spirit, love and healing. The musical celebration, located in southern Israel’s Beer Manuha, is three days of music, dance, and celebration. It also features a healing temple, workshops, sacred fire, fantastic vegan food.


Doof Festival

Head to northern Israel this spring for 72 straight hours of Israeli and international trance superstars. Get ready to party with the beautiful psychedelic people, because wherever you’re from, and whatever language you speak, the people who attend the Doof Festival treat each other like family.


Jewish Film Festival 2018

This annual event takes place throughout December in Jerusalem. The festival explores a wide range of topic relating to Jewish life, emphasizing that there is more than just one way to be Jewish. The festival includes dozens of films from Israel and abroad, as well as documentaries, short films, animated movies, lectures, special events, live music and more.


It great to know that there is always a great festival going on whenever you are in Israel. North, south, east and west, you find a festival celebrating just about anything. And don’t forget to rent a car while you’re there, so you can find the next great festival.


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