Hai Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve

This nature reserve was originally established in 1968, to help reintroduce animals that had disappeared from Israel. This 32-kilometer nature reserve allows visitors to drive through it, safari style, and look at the gazelles, ibex and other animals that are native to this region.


Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon)

The Ramon Crater is the world’s largest erosion crater. Looking down into the crater, visitors are treated to stunning views and interesting landscapes. Visitors can hike and camp out in the crater, and those who do are frequently treated wildlife that lives in the crater and amazing views of the stars. The area also offers helicopter tours, rappelling, eco tours, and biking.


Ilan Ramon Museum

Pay tribute to Israel’s first astronaut Ilan Ramon at the Ilan Ramon Museum and Memorial. Opened in 2013, visitors gain an appreciation of this astronaut and decorated air force pilot who tragically was killed in 2003 when the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon re-entering earth’s atmosphere.

Alpaca Farm

The Alpaca Farm located near the Ramon Crater has great activities for the whole family. Feed alpacas, ride on llamas, or watch the animals get sheared (seasonal). The farm offers horseback riding trips, taking visitors to the edge of the Ramon crater, as well as overnight experiences in the wilderness or on the farm.


Avdat National Park

This beautifully preserved Nabatean city called Avdat once served as a caravan stop between Petra and the Mediterranean Sea. In more recent times, Jesus Christ Superstar was one of the filming locations. Today, visitors can see a Roman bathhouse, catacombs, churches dating back to the fourth century, a pottery workshop and a Byzantine wine press.


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Tal Be’er Sheva

This UNESCO World Heritage site offers a great example of biblical era urban planning. Visitors can still see the sophisticated water collecting system, critical to protect the city in times of siege. They will also find a historically significant horned altar and other interesting artifacts located there.  


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