On your next visit to Israel, why not take a trip up north to the Golan Heights? Known for its beautiful, clear air and quiet lifestyle, this section of Israel is home to many different attractions and sites.


This must-see site boasts stunning waterfalls, cool springs, and lush grass for picnicking. Wander around the ancient archaeological ruins and take in the sights of the running water. You have your choice of several different hikes; most of them will take you under an hour to walk.

Mount Hermon

This majestic mountain is the crown jewel of the Golan Heights. It can be seen from miles away as it the highest mountain in Israel and it is also its northernmost point. Take advantage of the wintertime skiing and sledding opportunities in this Middle Eastern oasis. In the summer, just cool off from the heat of the rest of the country.

Gamla National Park

Gamla’s name comes from the word in Hebrew for camel because Gamla Hill is shaped like a camel’s hump. At this park, you will find much flora and fauna, including dozens of humongous vultures and many other birds and animals living in the wild. Enjoy the view of Israel’s tallest waterfall—at 170 feet.

Dan River

Time for some water fun in the Golan Heights! The Dan River offers water sports such as tubing, kayaking, and white-water rafting. You can stop and relax on the side of the river and take in the lovely natural streams. Nearby Tel Dan National Park is the place to learn about ancient life through its archaeological site.

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Golan Heights Winery

For some grown-up fun, head over to the Golan Heights Winery. The well-known brands Yarden, Gamla, Mount Hermon, and Golan are produced in this winery. Take one of the tours offered—a simple tour of the wine production or a wine tour including a gourmet meal in the cellar.

Yehudiya Nature Reserve

This is the place to camp out on your trip to the Golan Heights. You can get up early and start your day of hiking in the Yehudiya or Zevitan streams. Look for as many of the over 170 species of animals you can find while hiking and playing in the water.

De Karina

De Karina is the place for relaxing after a long day of touring. This Argentinian chocolate factory offers the opportunity for families to lean about the history of chocolate and the method of processing the delicious dessert. You can enjoy making your own delicacies in their workshop and then take your creations home.

The Golan Heights is the place to visit when you are in Israel, but it would not be possible to see everything without renting a car.