Israel is known for its nature reserves all over the country, which includes natural flora and fauna. But did you know that it also boasts several zoos and animal attractions? Take a look at the following animal exhibits in Israel.

Biblical Zoo Jerusalem

This legendary zoo has been around for decades. Many of its animals are mentioned in the bible, and the zoo references them with the verse in which they are found. Visit the replica of Noah’s Ark where children can learn about animals.

Ramat Gan Safari Park

Situated in the middle of Israel’s center, this beautiful oasis is found in the most unlikely location. When you get to the safari, you will first drive through and visit the animals in their natural habitats. Then you will park and walk around the impressive zoo.

Alpaca Farm Ramon Crater

This farm is located in the southern part of Israel and offers a view into the world of alpacas. There, you will have a chance to feed the alpacas and take pictures up close. The farm also offers horseback riding tours with views of the crater.

Negev Camel Ranch

The camel ranch in the desert is the place to go for a real Middle Eastern adventure. Ride camelback on a tour of the area for several hours, and then watch the sunset from atop your perch.

Haifa Zoo

In the northern part of Israel, the Haifa Zoo offers over 350 species of animals to learn about. The birds, reptiles, and mammals will certainly keep everyone in the family busy for the entire day.

GanGaroo Australian Park

This zoo in the north of Israel, near Beit Shean, boasts some of Australia’s most interesting animals: emus, koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and kookaburras. Stop in to see how these animals live and take the opportunity to get up close to them without a pricey trip to Australia.

Monkey Park Ben Shemen Forest

Visiting the monkey park offers a wonderful opportunity to see monkeys playing, eating, and living in a jungle environment. You can pet some of them, but others don’t want you to even make eye contact. Learn all about monkeys in this centrally-located park.

When you are planning your trip to see all these animal exhibits in Israel, don’t forget to rent a car so you can get around much more easily.