Sometimes, when you think about a museum, you wonder if it will be interesting or boring. Israel has done museums the right way. On your next trip to Israel, you must visit these five museums in Tel Aviv.

Palmach Museum

The Palmach Museum educates its visitors in everything they need to know about the creation of the State of Israel. Between the videos and the realistic sound effects, you will feel like you were there yourself in 1948. Walk through time as you enter each room and experience the battles’ defeats and victories together with the characters that run through the museum rooms.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Known as the culture hub of Israel, Tel Aviv boasts the country’s top art museum—the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Enjoy the museum’s collection of art: modern and contemporary, Israeli, prints and drawings, photography, architecture and design. Have a look at the revolving exhibitions, which include artists from Israel and from all over the world.

Beit Hatfutzot – Museum of the Jewish People

The Museum of the Jewish People—formerly known as the Diaspora Museum—is one of the world’s most thorough Jewish museum. It offers thoughtful, well-planned exhibits showcasing the impact the Jews have had on many aspects of history and culture. It is the full story of the Jewish People for the past 4,000 years—its past, present, and future.


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Eretz Israel Museum

The Eretz Israel Museum is an experience that focuses on the history and culture of Israel: archeology, ethnography, post and philately, folklore, Judaica, traditional crafts and popular art, cultural history, and local identity. The museum displays ten permanent exhibits and 20 temporary ones every year. The museum also includes a planetarium and a cafeteria.

Israel Defense Forces History Museum

The Israel Defense Forces History Museum boasts the country’s largest collections of war memorabilia: tanks, armored fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, rifles, and machine guns. This 13-pavilion museum contains a collection of souvenirs donated by all of Israel’s generals since its establishment in 1948.

Opticana Museum

A crazy little museum in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Opticana Museum is the first of its kind in Israel, though there are others like it in the world. The two-floor museum describes the evolution of how glasses were transformed from a vision correction device to a fashion item for the masses.

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