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Rental contract conditions

Shlomo transportation (2007) Ltd. P.C. 514065457 (hereinafter: “The Lessor”) is hereby renting the vehicle which details are specified in this contract and any other vehicle that will replace it to the renter as will be defined.

The instructions of this rental agreement and all the renter’s obligations, will apply, jointly and severally, on the renter, the primary driver, the owner of the credit card, and the additional drivers (hereinabove and hereinafter together: “The renter”) and all without derogating from the renter’s responsibility, the primary driver and owner of the credit card, for every use of the car andor for any damage that will be caused to the car even if it happened while the car was used by others.

1.    The renting period and time of return


1.1. The vehicle is delivered to the renter for a pre-determined period, properly functioning and with no deficiencies andor defects with the exception of the ones that were reported in the delivery form. The renter is committed to return the vehicle back to the lessor in the same state it was given, and at the agreed place and time mentioned in this contract.


1.2. Prolonging the renting period beyond the one that is stated in this contract, is subjected to the consent of the lessor. In the case of prolonging the renting period, the terms of this contract will continue to apply and the renter will continue to be obligated by them including in regards to the credit card charge approval, holding the credit card limit and extending it and all without derogating from the right of the lessor to stipulate its consent in changing the rental fees in the prolonged period.


1.3. In case the renter did not return the vehicle at the returning period as mentioned in this contract, without being given the lessor’s consent in advance, it will be considered as a breach of contract and the renter will be charged with renting fees in the breach period (“breach fees”) as stated in the frontal part of the renting agreement, for each day of latency, until the vehicle will be returned to the lessor and this will not be considered a remedy for the breach of contract, and the lessor will be entitled to all remedies as mentioned in paragraph 5.6 andor according to the law.


1.4. The lessor’s branches are open Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 to 17:00 except Saturdays and holidays. On Fridays and holiday eve the lessor’s branches will be open from 8:00 to 12:00. The lessor’s branch located in Ben-Gurion airport is open 24 hours.


1.5. In case of returning the vehicle prior to the end of the renting period, the renter will be charged with renting fees according to the daily renting cost multiplied by the actual renting days.


1.6. The payment will be made for full renting days (24 hours). No refund will be issued for partial rental days. In case of any delay in returning the vehicle that is more than one hour late, the renter will be charged with an extra full rental day.


1.7. At the end of the rental period andor immediately after receiving notice accordingly, and to the lessor’s sole judgment, the renter is committed to return the vehicle in a fully functioning state, as was handed to him, to one of the lessor’s branches, when it is empty from all objects and belongings of the renter andor anyone on his behalf.

1.8. Pickup on the same reservation day – time of supply will be up to 2 hours  



2.    Using the vehicle


2.1.    The renter is using the vehicle for self-driving purposes only and he is not permitted to use this vehicle for any other or illegal purposes. The renter is prevented from delivering andor transferring andor renting andor grant usage right to others, with or without compensation, andor to subjugate the vehicle andor to assign his rights to others.

2.2.    Only drivers that are registered in the contract or other drivers that were given a written permission by the lessor are allowed to use the vehicle.

2.3.    The renter declares that he had examined the vehicle and its parts (including tires, utility tools and other accessories) and found them in good and proper condition and in accordance to his needs and the “delivery form”.

2.4.    The renter is committed to handle the vehicle with care as it was his own, to use it carefully and within reason, according to the law and specifically the transportation regulations, and in accordance to the provisions of this contract and to not cause any damage andor breakage andor loss, whether intentionally or in a careless or negligent manner.

2.5.    The renter is committed to undertake all possible precautions to prevent any damages to the vehicle, and without derogating all aforementioned, whenever the driver is leaving the vehicle all the vehicle’s doors and windows will be completely locked (including the trunk) and all the existing protective measures will be in use. The keys to the vehicle will never, in any case, be left in the ignition or inside the vehicle, the car will always be parked in designated parking areas, and the keys to the vehicle will always be kept by the renter in a secured and hidden place. The renter of the vehicle is committed to return the keys of the vehicle to the lessor when returning the vehicle, otherwise he will be liable to all damages andor loss that will take place to the vehicle even after the renting period has ended.

2.6.     The renter is committed not to use the vehicle with or without compensation in the following situations:


2.6.1.     Under the influence of alcohol.

2.6.2.     Under the influence of medications andor drugs of any kind.

2.6.3.     The driver has a physical problem that is preventing him from using the vehicle.

2.6.4.     Without a valid driver’s license that is suitable to the type of vehicle, or if he is a young andor a new driver, and the appropriate coverage was not acquired.

2.6.5.     For any illegal purposes andor for any other unauthorized use according to the law.

2.6.6.     For the use of towing andor pushing other vehicles andor objects.

2.6.7.     For competitions andor tests andor to give driving lessons.

2.6.8.     For the use of passenger transportation andor cargo with pay andor for a direct andor indirect compensation for cargo transportation.

2.6.9.     In unpaved ways andor in any way that may cause damage to the vehicle andor in areas that are outside of the Israeli sovereignty.

2.6.10.  No additional passengers are allowed in the vehicle than permitted by law, andor no cargo is allowed accordingly.

2.6.11.  The vehicle will not be used for violence or crime purposes.

2.6.12.  The vehicle will not be used in places of strike, mayhem, to support employees strike or for people that take place in any work or public disorders.


2.7.    The renter is committed to check, from time to time, and to refill when needed motor or automatic gear oil, water in the coolant, the right amount of air in the tires, the suitable type of fuel in accordance to the type of vehicle, and any other action andor checkup required for the proper handling of the vehicle and to give notice to the lessor in any event where an addition andor replacement andor regarding any interference andor acknowledgment to be given to the lessor as a result.

2.8.    The renter is completely prohibited from fixing the vehicle on his own in any event of damage or accident (except fixing a flat tire or replacing to a new one according to the Israeli standards). The renter is committed in any event to act according to the instructions of paragraph 5.

2.9.    The renter is committed not to perform any treatment, fixings andor modifications to the vehicle, and in any case when a treatment andor fixing andor modifications are required to immediately inform the lessor and to immediately take the vehicle to the lessor’s garage andor to act in accordance with the lessor’s instructions.

2.10. The renter is committed to bring the vehicle for a periodic check performed by the lessor, depending on the distance meter that is written on the sticker located on the front windshield, and perform as instructed by the lessor and to allow the vehicle to be checked by the lessor upon demand.

2.11. Smoking and/or transporting animals in the vehicle is completely prohibited.

2.12. In case that the vehicle will be returned not in a reasonably clean state, the renter will be held liable to any damage towards the lessor including providing payment for special cleaning and maintenance fee.






3.    Damages coverage and warranty


3.1.    The renting fees includes mandatory insurance for the renter and the permitted drivers only. The renter will be liable to any damage that will occur to the vehicle and its parts, including loss and/or theft unless otherwise stated in this contract.

3.2.    Without derogating what was mentioned hereinabove, in any case which the vehicle will be used not in accordance to the instructions of this contract and/or the law, there will be no coverage to damages and/or loss and/or theft that will occur to the vehicle and its parts, including any coverage that the renter had purchased or that is included in the renting fee, and the renter will be held liable in full to any damage that will occur to the vehicle, and its parts (including loss and/or theft) and/or any third party.

Damages hence any direct damage mechanical or to the body (whether if it was fixed or not), in accordance to the appraiser’s estimation (unless determined otherwise) and any indirect damage including but not only for the days that the vehicle was disabled, loss of income, loss of value, towing fees, storage, workers and administration fees and any other costs that is connected directly or indirectly to the damage that occurred and will occur to the vehicle and/or the lessor and/or any third party.

To prevent any doubt, stealing or losing any part of the vehicle and its accessories will be considered as damages in order to calculate the damages.

Without derogating from the aforementioned in this paragraph, in any event of damage to the underside of chassis and/or any damage caused due to improper use of the vehicle not in accordance to the instructions of this contract, which the renter will be found liable to all damages - the lessor will be allowed to examine the vehicle by an appraiser on his behalf and only immediately or closely after the time of damage. 

3.3.    In an event of theft or loss, the renter will pay the lessor the full value of the vehicle as stated in the “Levi Izhak” pricelist (including additions and deductions) at the time of theft or loss.

3.4.    To remove all doubt and without derogating as hereinabove, it is clear that the renter will be held liable to all damages, even when he had purchased a participation fee cancellation, in all the following events:

3.4.1.   The use of the vehicle was against the instructions of paragraph 2 of this contract.

3.4.2.   The incident (including breakage) was negligent/intentional and/or with lack of care on behalf of the renter and/or whomever on his behalf.

3.4.3.   In an event of any breach of contract or law by the renter or whomever on his behalf.

3.4.4.   In an event of damage and/or loss and/or breakage to the vehicle which regarding them a coverage of damages was not existed and/or purchased and/or are not covered in this contract.

3.4.5.   Damages to the vehicle’s chassis and/or underside not resulting from a collision with a third-party vehicle are the renter’s responsibility only and are not included in any coverage.

The underside chassis and/or underbelly are the bottom side of the vehicle and/or any part that is under the vehicle, including chassis parts, slingers, mechanical parts and the exhaust system.

3.4.6.   In any case of litter and stains in the vehicle’s interior, that were caused due to improbable or abnormal usage of the vehicle.

3.4.7.   In any case of damages to the tires and/or windshields - with the exception of an acquired tires and windshields coverage.

3.5.    Coverage list

3.5.1.   Mandatory insurance - according to the body damages insurance policy, that is required according to the motorized vehicle insurance order (new version) - 1970. The instructions, conditions and restrictions of this policy are an integral part to this contract.

3.5.2.   Coverage for chassis and theft damages - except what was mentioned in paragraph 3.5.8 to this contract, the renting fees includes chassis and theft damages coverage, subjugated to the conditions of this contract and a payment of a participation fee of the ratio that is detailed in the first page of this contract, and this is for any event and/or incidents and/or malfunction that were caused by the renter, with the exception of purchasing “a cancellation of damages and theft participation fee” at the time of signing as detailed in paragraph 3.5.4 to this contract.

Although what was said hereinabove, in any case of damage that it’s fixing costs in accordance to the appraiser’s evaluation and/or the lessor are lower than the damages participation fees, the lessor is entitled to charge the renter an amount that is lower than the damages participation fee. It is clear, that the renter will be charged with damages participation fees and/or damages costs including an indirect damage cost even when the lessor had chosen for any reason not to fix the damage.

3.5.3.   Coverage against third party damages - unless agreed otherwise, the renting fees includes coverage of third-party damages to a liability limit of 450,000 ILS, subjugated to the payment made by the renter of a damages participation fee as detailed in this agreement. The renter will be held liable to any damage that will be caused to a third party that is higher than 450,000 ILS while this obligation does not exempt the renter from paying a damages participation fee. It is clear that in any event in which damages will occur to the renter and the third-party, the renter will be charged to pay a damages participation fee to cover the entire damages.

3.5.4.   Exemption from payment of a damages participation fee: the renter is allowed to purchase from the lessor, at the time of signing, an exemption from paying a participation fee regarding (1) chassis damages or (2) chassis damages and theft, for the amounts specified at the front of this contract. In case that a coverage was already purchased the renter will not be needed to pay a participation fee for the covered incident. To remove any doubt, when there is no damages and/or third-party damages coverage, including as detailed in paragraph 3.2 to this contract, the renter will be held liable to cover all damages as were defined hereinabove.

It is clear, that even when the renter had purchased a participation fee exemption for chassis and theft damages, the renter will be held liable to cover all damages that will be caused to the tires or windshield (with the exception of purchasing suitable coverage).

3.5.5.   Tires coverage - the renter is allowed to purchase from the lessor a coverage against a flat tire or a sudden tear in the tires for which he will not be charged, except any damage that was caused due to the renter’s negligence.

3.5.6.   Windshields coverage - the renter is allowed to purchase from the lessor a windshield damage coverage for he will not be liable for payment, except when the damages were caused due to the renter’s negligence.

3.5.7.   The lessor will not be responsible to any direct and/or indirect and/or consequence damage that will be caused to the renter and/or to whom on his behalf regarding the renting of the vehicle and it is clear that there is no cover to any damage and/or breakage and/or loss of property and/or personal items in the vehicle.

3.5.8.   A tourist with a credit card that includes insurance coverage to rented vehicles - although what said hereinabove in paragraphs 3.5.2 and - 3.5.3 to this contract, in the case where the renter is a tourist who has a credit card that includes a rented vehicle insurance against chassis and theft damages including LDW from his credit card company, and in case that this tourist renter had used his credit card to make the payment of the car rental, the coverage as mentioned in these paragraphs will not take place, and in case of any damage and/or theft the renter will be charge to pay all damages in full and he will be the one to address his credit card company in order to be given reimbursement. In the matter of a tourist renter the following conditions will take place:  The renter will present the lessor at the time of rent, a suitable credit card that includes insurance coverage in any event of damage and/or accident and/or theft in Israel. To remove any doubt, it is clear that in this case the lessor will not grant any coverage against damages of any kind.  In case of any type of damage, including theft and/or general loss the renter will be charged of full damages payment and he will be the one to address the credit card company for reimbursement. It is clear, that while the renter will not cover all the damages from any given reason, the lessor will be allowed to communicate directly with the renter and directly with the credit card company and/or the insurance company in order to be paid back in full with all the renter’s obligations and all without taking upon himself any obligation and/or responsibility to do so.






4.    Renting fees and additional charges


4.1.      The renter, the primary driver and owner of the credit card are hereby committed, jointly and severally, to pay the lessor at a determined time and immediately on first demand when no such time was determined (even after returning the vehicle to the lessor), all the payments for the amounts detailed in this contract, and in the case that such amounts are not detailed, the payments will be paid  according to the lessor’s official pricelist that is in the company’s branches (“the official pricelist”). This paragraph comes to add and explain regarding any charges that the renter is liable to and it will not derogate from any obligations of the renter from paying all that was purchased by him and that is detailed in the first page of this contract and/or any other payments that he is required to pay according to this contract.

4.2.      The renter, the primary driver and owner of credit card are always responsible to pay the renting fee including all the rest of the payments the lessor is entitled to according to this contract and until the vehicle is returned to the lessor, including any renting charges that will occur after the renting period and even when the vehicle was offered to the renter by an agent and/or the vehicle was provided to the renter with a use of a voucher. Therefore the renter, driver and owner of credit card are permitting the lessor to charge all payments from the credit card.

4.3.      In any case when the renting period Is more than 30 days, the renting fee and extra charges will be paid once every calendar month and all the rest of the payments, if any, will be paid at the end of the renting period and all without derogating from the lessor’s right to charge the renter after the renting period has ended for charges that took place in the renting period.

4.4.      The prices that are mentioned in this contract are valid to the dates that are written on the first contract chronologically. Any changes in the renting period will be according to the agreement of the parties (including an agreement by phone) and the renting fees will be as detailed in “the expected charges chart” unless agreed otherwise in writing between the parties.

4.5.      Renting fees - are according to the renting period and the mileage limit as detailed in the first page to this contract.

4.6.      The renter is required to pay the needed amounts according to the monetary currency as mentioned in this rental agreement, otherwise a currency conversion will take place as accustomed in the banking system.

4.7.      Extra seasonal price - on Christmas, July and August and on Israeli holidays, the renting fees will rise and the renter will need to refer the lessor for an update regarding the correct renting fees for these periods.

4.8.      Extra mileage addition - the payment for every extra mile beyond the mileage limit as detailed in the first page of this contract.

4.9.      Fuel - the renter will pay all the fuel charges in the renting period. The renter is committed to return the vehicle to the lessor with the same amount of fuel at the time of receiving, as mentioned in the first page of the renting contract, otherwise he will be charged for filling the tank according to the lessor’s rates as detailed in this contract. With all due respect it is clear that the amount of fuel in the tank is measured by the fuel tank meter.

4.10.   An additional payment by another - a payment where the renting fee and all the charges of this renting contract are paid by a credit card owner that is not the renter, for the amounts as detailed in the first page of this contract.

4.11.   Accessories usage fees - the renter will be charged with the cost of using any accessories that were given to him upon request, in accordance to the lessor’s pricelist as detailed in this contract. The renter is responsible to bring back these accessories to the lessor, as given, in a good and functioning state, except reasonable wear and tear. An accessory that was lost and/or damaged, will result with the charge of a damages participation fee as detailed next to every accessory in the first page of this contract.

4.12.   Extra charges liable by the renter

Without derogating all the hereinabove, the renter will be liable for any extra charges that are related with the renting period, Including but not only:

4.12.1.  handling fees for chassis and theft damages - for any damage that will be caused to the vehicle in an event of an accident with a third-party, the renter will pay, in addition to the damages costs including indirect and additional, a handling fee for the amount that is mentioned at the beginning of this contract, where in any case the payments for each damage will not be higher (including the handling fees) than the amount of the participation fee. The handling fee will not be returned to the renter even when the lessor was reimbursed by the third party.

4.12.2.  Reports/fines conversion fees - will be paid by the renter for any conversion of reports and/or fines given on his name by the certified authorities and/or any payment that the lessor has paid the authorities on behalf of the renter, and all for the specified amounts as mentioned in the first page to this contract.

4.12.3.  Payment for traffic and/or parking fines - only when the renter did not pay directly to the authority according to the law, and the lessor had to pay them on his behalf, the renter will reimburse all payments to the lessor in addition of handling fees.

4.12.4.  With his signature on this contract the renter allows the lessor to convert under his name any parking and traffic fines and to charge him with handling fees for every conversion that took place.

4.12.5.  Toll roads charges and handling fees    Route number 6 - when traveling on route number 6 the renter will pay according to “an occasional rate” (although the lessor is charged by “video rate”) with the addition of handling fees. The renter is recommended to make a video subscription for the renting period In order to avoid any occasional rate and handling fees. The renter is responsible to cancel the subscription by the time the renting period is ended and it has been brought to his knowledge that the lessor will not be able to reimburse him for any charges he needed to pay.    Fast Lane - Jerusalem Tel Aviv - when using the fast lane the renter will pay according to the fast Lane rate with additional handling fees. It is recommended to stop and pay directly in the payment stations in order to avoid the rate mentioned hereinabove and handling fees to the lessor.    The Carmel Tunnels - when passing through the subscriptions way of the Carmel tunnels the renter will pay according to the passage rate. It is recommended to use a normal passage route and pay directly, in order to avoid the hereinabove rate and the handling fees to the lessor.

4.12.6.  The lessor’s expenses - any expense made by the lessor on behalf of the renter due to not fulfilling any duty or other obligations mentioned in this agreement including the loss of income in case the vehicle is foreclosed, or for damages to the vehicle, impoundment, total lost, disabled vehicle, storage, legal fees and expenses, and any other expense that the lessor will need to pay regarding the renter’s use of the vehicle.

4.12.7.  Local additions - when returning and/or picking up and/or replacing the vehicle at the Sde Dov the Ben Gurion airports, an airport handling fee will be added. In case of renting a vehicle from the Eilat branch and returning it to another branch or from another branch and returning it to the Eilat branch for a period that is less than three rental days, an “Eilat returningpicking up” fee will be added as detailed in this contract.

4.13.   Checking for extra mileage - the lessor will perform a mileage check when returning the vehicle to him and/or at the end of any calendar year. The renter will be charged with payment regarding any extra mileage found at the end of the renting period and/or every calendar year, according to the earliest.


5.    Actions that are required in cases of malfunction / accident / theft / damages


In an event of malfunction and/or accident and/or theft and/or damages and/or any suspicion of criminal activity (hereinafter “an incident”) the renter and/or whomever on his behalf is committed to immediately perform as follows:

5.1.  Inform the lessor immediately regarding the incident and the vehicle’s whereabouts, and to make sure that the vehicle is not left unguarded and/or with no proper precautions.

5.2.  To immediately use all means necessary in order to reduce the damage, including immediately disabling the vehicle and bringing it with a tow truck to the lessor’s garage and/or any other action needed in as the lessor instructed.

5.3.  In the event of an accident - to provide the lessor with all the details of the vehicles and drivers involved in the accident, including insurance information and witnesses details, to cooperate with the lessor with all that is needed to reduce damages to the lessor, and to help the lessor with all that is needed to fully compensate him by a third party, including appearing to court hearings, giving depositions etc.

5.4.  The renter is committed not to give to any party that was involved in the accident and/or others any confession and/or suggestion and/or promise and/or renunciation and/or compromise and/or payment in relations to the accident, except with the vehicle’s information, the lessor’s details and the mandatory insurance.

5.5.  To remove any doubt, in any case that the renter and or driver did not act according to this paragraph, the renter will reimburse the lessor for any direct or indirect damage.

5.6.  To make sure that the driver of the rented vehicle that was involved in the incident will arrive ASAP and no later than 24 hours after the incident to the lessor’s office to give a written notice regarding the incident, and if requested by the lessor, to also give a notice to the police and to receive the right permit from the police and deliver it to the lessor.

5.7.  The renter will report to the lessor regarding any court invitation and/or lawsuit and/or statement of claim and/or any other document that is connected to the incident right after he had received it.

5.8.  Any payment or remedy that was given to the lessor will not derogate from any other remedy that the lessor is be entitled to according to this contract and/or the law. The renter is not permitted to receive payments from any person and/or body which the lessor is entitled to according to any contract and/or law.

5.9.  To remove any doubt, not reporting on time will prevent the renter from any coverage that was given to him by the lessor in this agreement, and the renter will be held liable to all damages that were caused to the lessor and any third party in the incident.

5.10.       Without derogating what said hereinabove, if a damage and/or malfunction occurred to the vehicle and was not caused by any unreasonable action and/or omission of the renter and/or the driver of the vehicle, the company will be allowed, according to its opinion, to give the renter and/or the driver of the vehicle a replacement vehicle instead of the one that was damaged and/or malfunctioned. The company is allowed to change its mind regarding the liability of the renter and/or the driver regarding the damages and/or malfunctions and to act according to this contract due to this new opinion.


6.    Ending the contract


6.1.    It is agreed that in any case when the vehicle will not be returned to the custody of the lessor by the end of this contract for any reason, and after a written notice was given, the lessor will have the right to enter the renter’s premises and/or the place where the vehicle is located and to use any means in he has in order to immediately return the vehicle to his possession, and all the expenses regarding will be charged to the renter. The renter is hereby renouncing any claim or demand regarding damages and/or expenses and/or loss that will be caused to him and/or to any third party as a result of capturing the vehicle.

6.2.    Without derogating the aforementioned of this contract, it is agreed that if the renter will not pay his payments in due time in accordance to this contract and/or if the renter will undergo a solvency procedure (bankruptcy assets foreclosure etc.) and/or in any other case where the lessor believes that the renter will not fulfill his obligations, the lessor will be allowed to bring this contract to an end and to deliver a message to the renter in which he will be asked to immediately return the vehicle to its possession and in addition to immediately collect the full amounts of which the lessor is entitled.

6.3.    The lessor is allowed to terminate this agreement immediately in any event of an accident and/or criminal act and/or deception and/or misrepresentation and or breach of this agreement of any kind. The lessor preserves himself with any right to return the vehicle to his custody at any time and in any way he will find suitable, with no need to give any pre-notice to the renter, in any case that the renter will breach any condition of this agreement, and all the hereinabove will not derogate and/or damage and/or exhaust any right of the lessor that he is entitled to sue against according to any law.



7.    General


7.1.  The use in this contract with a singular male reference is for convenience purposes only and all that is said is valid for women, plural etc.

7.2.  The records of the lessor will be used as a prima facie evidence regarding the renting period, its various rates and the vehicle’s specifications.

7.3.  It is hereby agreed that every amount that the renter is obligated to pay and was not paid in time (hereinafter: “the amount in arrears”) will carry a yearly arrears interests of the ratio of prime +2.5%.

7.4.  It is hereby agreed that in any case of conflict between the parties in regards to this contract and/or interpretation and/or breaching and/or ending, the local authority to handle this type of event will be the authorized court in Tel Aviv and/or Haifa and/or Petah Tikva and/or Beer Sheva and/or Jerusalem only.

7.5.  In any case of contradiction, the instructions of this contract will overpower the instruction of the renting and borrowing act - 1971.


8.    Keeping the privacy


8.1.    The Privacy policy of the lessor is published in the lessor's website: www.shlomo.co.il.

8.2.    The information given by the renter will be collected and be kept in a computerized database owned by the lessor. The lessor will keep the details of the renter or any other information regarding to him that was provided in regards to the services in accordance to the law and the lessor will not deliver or reveal any details or information as aforementioned unless he was ordered to provide them According to any obligation or authority made by law and/or as instructed by a certified authority and/or according to a court order given by a certified authority. The renter hereby agrees to allow the lessor to provide the information to an external contractor or employees in the Shlomo group, in order to provide services.

8.3.    The vehicle might include detection andor monitoring systems. Among the rest, the system is testing the driver’s way of driving and alerts regarding any deviations from normal behavior. The renter gives his consent to the lessor to track the vehicle and use the data for self-purposes.

8.4.   The company is permitted to record its calls with the renter in relations of providing services and to use these recordings for service monitoring purposes and improve their quality.



               Signature of the renter





9.    Signatures


I hereby approve that I read all the renting conditions, fees obligations and instructions, including my commitment of payment, I have received a copy of the contract to my possession and after understanding its content and meaning, I hereby approve my consent with my signature to all that is said in this contract.


________________       _______________                    ________________  

Signature of renter           signature of driver       signature of owner of credit card (if not the renter)

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